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 Canon Seminar & Canon EOS Experience Day

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PostSubject: Canon Seminar & Canon EOS Experience Day   Tue Mar 10, 2009 11:22 pm

I) The Canon Seminar
Canon will invite a variety of professional photographers to talk and share their works with students to imbue them with certain influences that they might want to have in their journey in learning photography. This seminar is recommended for students who have already gained a specific knowledge on basic DSLR photography. The speakers for this year are unconfirmed, but from last year's experience, the speakers are photographers from established institutions, like Motoring/Torque magazine, The Straits Times and many more. This seminar is also free.

2) The Canon EOS Experience Day.
This is the chance where students can try out the latest top-end gear from Canon. Canon will bring down their top range of equipment, from lenses, to camera bodies as well as flashes to allow students to have a hands-on session with the equipment on the VJC campus. This of course, is also free. An exhibition of cool canon stuff will be out for everyone to see. (such as the Canon 600mm f4, 500 f4, MP-E 65mm Macro photo, prime L lenses, and top end bodies like the 1Ds Mark 3, 1D mark 3)

These event will be held at Victoria Junior College itself, concurrently, on the 28th March 2009, a saturday, and from their past year's experience, lasts from 8.30am to 1.30pm. Last year's event attracted around 500 participants. They hope to grow this event to an even bigger one this year.

Note: You do not need a camera to attend this seminar or exhibition.

Those interested, email me your Name, Contact no. to as soon as possible.

Gain more knowledge about photography as well as see the cool cutting edge technological equipments there.
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FRESHIES undies ...
FRESHIES undies ...

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PostSubject: Re: Canon Seminar & Canon EOS Experience Day   Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:23 pm


I've already emailed you. You have not replied.

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Canon Seminar & Canon EOS Experience Day
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