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 Shoot locations!

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PostSubject: Shoot locations!   Sat Oct 11, 2008 3:25 am

well I know i run out of locations to shoot for cosplay at times, so lets create a list of locations that you can use for shoots.

eg. location - [*for what settings*], *comments*

please state in
red for dangerous with [dangerous]
blue for state land or private property with [state land]
green for those spirits and stuff with [SPI zone]

1. Punggol End - [Lalang land, nice white bench], good for shoots on weekdays as it is empty
2. Old Changi Hosp - [Abandoned building, spooky], good for those spooky shoots or if u need abandon builings [state land] [dangerous][SPI zone]
3. Some abandoned private property near OCH - [Abandoned building, Nice lighting], not as scary as OCH [state land]
4. Marina South - [Abandoned building, dun look like SG], it is close to town and just take 400 in, no one to disturb u. [state land]
5. City Hall - [Westernised building], we know where it is. and how it look like.
6. NP - [School setting, Nice roofs!, dark corridors], I KNOW it is school but... if u managed to book a classroom, use it man, u can also access FMS block's roof [8th floor], and dark corridors at 73,52, ICT.
7. KTM railway - [Dun look like in SG, rural settings], i tested the sections from PAK to holland road and PAK to bukit timah hill, they are nice to shoot. [state land][dangerous]

come on add more locations!!!!
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Shoot locations!
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