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 +=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+

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SMELLY(pew pew) undies
SMELLY(pew pew) undies

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+=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+ Empty
PostSubject: +=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+   +=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+ Icon_minitimeFri Dec 18, 2009 2:28 am

I was lucky to be enough to invited to a friend's house as she recently received her new figurines. These very cute Vocaloid Nendorides Petits. A full set. Thus I bring my gear and did a few shoots. Due to time constraints, I was not able to get alot of shots. However, I would like to share these few to you special people Smile

Please Enjoy! C&C are welcome and encouraged.

#01 Vocaloids, with Reflection
+=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+ DSC04915

#02 Vocaloids, Half Team
+=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+ DSC04919

#03 Vocaloids, Full Team
+=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+ DSC04921

#04 Lucky Star, Konata, Licks
+=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+ DCS_0064

#05 Lucky Star, Konata in Swimsuit
+=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+ DCS_0068

#06 Lucky Star, Kagami getting comfy
+=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+ DCS_0082

#07 Getting Mixed up
+=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+ DCS_0093

#08 Pat pat
+=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+ Pat-pat-pat

#09 Saber Lily Strobbed with 2 Flashes. Main from left, center from front. Will continue to further improve my lighting setup.
+=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+ DCS_0324
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+=+ Anime Figurines Fun! +=+
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