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 4 April 2008

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PostSubject: 4 April 2008   Sun Apr 06, 2008 6:15 pm

Meeting Minutes

Date: 4th April 2008
Time: 9am
Venue: ourspace@72
Present: Pak Wing, Junhao, Mahendran, Atiqah, Jinwei

Agenda: CCA Fiesta, First Outing

CCA Fiesta

We have a budget of $50. Booth will be located at the Convention Centre.

To-Do Within the Week:

- Timeslot table to be filled up tomorrow (5th April)
- Mahen to be in-charge of contacting manpower
- B&W Flyers (Atiqah)
- Banner/Posters (Jinwei)
- Logo (to dig out?)
- Pick & print photos (Mahen to e-mail members today to submit their top photos)
- Haunt Alfred & Sean for guidance
- Booth deco, logistics

Basic Deco Ideas:

- Rainbow Lines
- Camera Mosaic
- Rope-clip-photos
- Photos on floor guiding to booth

First Outing

Saturday, 26th April 2008
Assemble at 9am, ice-break in school for about 30-40 minutes
City area
Rent a one-way bus if needed

Theme to be decided and use of eggs to be confirmed.

E-mail regarding the outing to be sent out to all new and existing members on 16th April.


- Fortnightly meeting for ALL members
- Meeting for committee members every Wednesday
- Annual Camp
- Club website/forum where members post photos/videos, etc
- Club budget to be settled by this coming week

There will be a meeting with Sean this Tuesday (8th April 2008). Time and venue to be confirmed.

Agenda for next committee meeting

- First outing
- Camp

Credits to Ms. Atiqah
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4 April 2008
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